Hilti Fastener Test System includes SafeRings Systems

  • Hilti Fastener Test System includes SafeRings Systems

The Hilti HAT 28M pull-out tester kit is a purpose-made system for testing fastenings. It consists of a mechanical screw arrangement acting through a hydraulic load cell which measures the load applied to the fastener directly.
The following fasteners can be tested:
* Metal anchors, HST/HSA Kwik Bolts, HKD/HDI Flush Anchors, HUS/KH Screw Anchors, HLC Sleeve anchors
* Adhesive Anchors, HVU+HAS, HIT-HY/HIT-RE, HIT-V
* Plastic Anchors, HUD/HUD-L, HRD8/HRD10/HRD 14
* Scaffold System Anchors, GRS+GD, ST+HKD
* Threaded studs, X-BT ,X-M/X-CRM (on concrete), X-EM/X-CRM (on concrete)
* Flathead nails, X-U / X-C (on concrete and steel), X-CR (on concrete and steel)
* Decking nails, X-ENP / ENP2K
* Insulation fasteners, X-IE
* Suitable for following thread sizes: M4/M5/M6/M8/M10/M12/M16/M20,1/4",5/16",3/8",1/2"
* Suitable for screws, flathead nails and other fasteners with following shank diameters: 4.5/5.5/6.5/8.5/10.5/12.5 mm

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